Linda Griffin is a content marketing specialist who shows business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals how to increase their authority, leap ahead of their competition, and acquire more lucrative revenue opportunities as published authors.

Creating and publishing content gives you ultimate authority

Writing a book, blog posts, white papers, and creating other learning materials gives you instant credibility and positions you as an expert. Potential clients, employers, and business partners want to work with people they trust to know their stuff. When you're the person who literally wrote the book, you automatically position you and your business ahead of competitors who can't claim that distinction.

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Book Writing and Marketing Services

Whether you're a first time author looking for planning, writing, and publishing help or you already have a book that hasn't given you the visibility and authority you want, I can help you achieve success. With simple step by step processes, I'll show you how to navigate the confusing world or publishing and book marketing. If you've already started a manuscript but have hit a stumbling block, I can help you turn that lump of coal into a polished diamond.

Content Marketing for Businesses

Working with expert authors is one of theĀ  things we focus on. The other is helping businesses build authority and increase sales with content marketing.

The ultimate goal of content marketing for businesses is to increase revenue and grow your customer base. In order to do that, you can't wander aimlessly around your social media profiles, posting random thoughts. You can't post a blog article today and not post again for 3 months. You can't publish a newsletter once a year. Building an audience requires deliberate and consistent actions and concrete measurements of success. I can show you how to create and implement a content marketing plan that accomplishes your business goals. I will work with your team. If you don't want to do the work in house, you can outsource the job to me.