• Seven places where an ebook just isn’t enough

    Seven places where an ebook just isn’t enough

    I have an ereader and I love it. Before ebooks, whenever I went on vacation, I had to reserve a certain amount of suitcase space for books and I always worried that I wouldn’t take enough to last me through the entire vacation. Now, I can download as many books as I want in advance and have plenty of reading... Read more »
  • Five experts who definitely need to write a book

    Five experts who definitely need to write a book

    There’s a popular statistic floating around that says eight out of ten people in the world want to write a book, however, only one in ten actually do. Why is that? Writing a book is hard work. It takes time and energy. It requires planning, research, and commitment to writing, publishing, and marketing. It’s just too much for most people.... Read more »
  • Six ways to sell your book without selling

    Six ways to sell your book without selling

    Marketing and monetizing your book requires a different set of actions and strategies than those used to write the book. Actually, marketing should start as soon as you make the decision to write the book and continue throughout  the writing and publishing process. The goal is to attract and connect with fans, readers, and prospective buyers who are anticipating the... Read more »
  • Ready to get published

    What are the steps to writing a non-fiction book?

    The question above posted on Quora is one that most new non-fiction writers have. They're experts in their chosen field, but they don't know anything about the writing and publishing industry. In fact, that question is what led me to create the expert author 411 site. When I wrote my first book, I was running a business which required my... Read more »
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I'm a relationship builder and a life long learner. My greatest satisfaction comes from working with others to help them achieve their goals.
I know how to break down complex subjects such as self-publishing into step by step processes. I love to share those processes with others!
My goal at Expert Author 411 is to show female executives and business owners how to increase your credibility and authority with a book you'll be proud to claim as the author.
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