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The Club 2012 Phenomenon: How Parents Can Partner with Schools for the Academic Success of African American Males

Every parent of a young African American boy should read this book! The groundbreaking Club 2012 has become the gold standard for parent engagement and school system collaboration.

Ms. Carpenter has evolved the Club 2012 and subsequent clubs into Excellent Options Clubs. Their goal is to reduce or eliminate the achievement gap experienced by so many males of color.

Packed with real life examples and commentary from the young men and their parents this book is a guide on how to start an Excellent Options club in your school system.

The 2012 program was the beginning of greatness for our son.  The program stimulates mentorship, healthy competition, and lasting friendships.  It was during this program that our son began to understand the importance of education and performing at a level of excellence.  He has completed undergraduate school with a Bachelors Degree in Biology, currently enrolled in a Masters program, and plans to attend medical school.  I am convinced 2012 sparked the vision our son needed in order to strive for greatness and he is accomplishing those goals.  Gabrielle, thank you for all your hard work. We are grateful.

Dee Faciane Lewis
Mother of Correy Faciane

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Begin the journey with the end in mind

    • Chapter 2: Change the low perception - Create a high expectation

    • Chapter 3: Parents - Take the wheel

    • Chapter 4: Boys to Men

    • Chapter 5: Empire State of Mind

    • Chapter 6: Pray daily for great character

    • Chapter 7: Hard work and perseverance - There is no substitute

    • Chapter 8: Beyond, Beyond

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    Meet the Author

    Gabrielle McGill Carpenter is a parent, former teacher, past Director of School Counseling, independent educational consultant, and current school administrator. She was the architect of Club 2012, Clubs 20xx and now Excellent Options Clubs. She is committed to eliminating the achievement gap experienced by young men of color in the current educational system.