Welcome challengers!

Your Challenge is to write 6000 words in thirty days. Average words per day = 200

On this page you’ll find a recap of everything you need to successfully win the challenge.Any resource or instructions mentioned in an Expert Author Circle Facebook post will be summarized here in one place so you won’t have to search around in the group looking for it. Check back often as new resources will be added throughout the challenge!

How to participate in the challenge

Click here to join the Expert Author Circle Facebook Group. Check the group page daily for updates and instructions. Bookmark this page so that you can catch up if you miss any postings in the group. All updates will be recapped on this page.


Challenge Calendar

Click the link above to access the calendar PDF. Print the calendar out in Landscape format. Use it to track your writing progress and challenge points. You’re on the honor system – I will periodically ask you to post a picture of your calendar to be eligible for special prizes during the challenge.

Challenge Points

  • For every day you write anything, give yourself 10 points
  • If you meet your daily goal, give yourself an extra 10 points
  • Extra points will be given for completing mini-challenges during the month.

Challenge Prep

  • 10/31/17 – Warm Up Day: Set a timer and write for 30 minutes. When you’re done, check the word count. Now you know your starting run rate. You will be using this tomorrow to decide how many words you want to complete during the challenge.
  • 10/29/17 – warm up day:Get clear on your goals for the 30 day challenge. If you haven’t started your book, your goal should be to get the first couple of chapters drafted. If you have started, your goal may be to complete the first draft or to finish four more chapters. Read this post for additional guidance.

Challenge Updates

  • 11/1 – Challenge starts
  • 11/2 – Give yourself 10 points for signing up for the challenge, 10 points for writing anything yesterday, and 10 points for downloading the tracking calendar. Possible total points = 30! Keep track of your points in order to win prizes!
  • 11/3 – Share your topic in the Facebook group. Look for the Day 3 post and add your book title, target audience, and how your finished book will benefit the reader. Give yourself 10 points if you post a comment.
  • 11/4 – Double up day. It’s a good opportunity to catch up with your word count. Today, try to double the number of words you normally write by spending some extra time in the writing zone.
  • 11/5 – You may be going through the five stages of writing grief right now. 1. Denial: I can’t believe I signed up for this challenge. 2. Anger: These daily reminders to write are so annoying. 3. Bargaining: If I complete the challenge, I’ll treat myself. 4. Depression: I will never be able to write 200 words every day. 5. Acceptance: If not now, when? Most writers go through these stages in some form or fashion during a writing project. Work your way through them by continuing to write even if you don’t feel like it.
  • 11/6 – If you’ve taken any of my workshops you know I recommend writing from a mind map of your book instead of a traditional outline. It makes it easier to avoid writer’s block because you don’t have to write in order but can pick any topic on your mind map. Read the blog article if you need a mind map refresher. http://www.expertauthor411.com/dont-outline-your-book-mind…/
  • 11/7 – I write my books and blog posts on the laptop but I still use pen and paper for brainstorming ideas and taking notes. Writing things down helps me retain what I learn. Today, I have a shopping resource for you to explore. http://www.jetpens.com They have everything from fountain pens to drawing pencils to journals and stickers in a wide variety of price ranges. Just be forewarned they are a Japanese company so you probably won’t be able to read the packaging! The web site also has tutorials and ideas on all things ink and pen.
  • 11/8 – Did you know that Wine Wednesday is a thing? Search for the hashtag on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. It’s mid-week and you may need to unwind a bit after your writing sessions the last few days. If wine isn’t to your taste, indulge in your favorite beverage.
  • 11/9 – It’s Inspiration Thursday. When you have an attitude of abundance, you know that all the resources you need to succeed are out there. You just have to access them!
  • 11/10 – Have you been tracking your word count? Remember you get 10 points for every day you write. Download the tracking sheet and catch up on anything you missed.
  • 11/11. Writing Success tips:
    1. Make an appointment with yourself to write and keep it sacred
    2. Don’t edit while writing. Your first draft is like a rough diamond. You’ll polish it in the second draft
    3.Turn off distractions like social media
  • 11/12. Double up day.
  • 11/13. I like to write in the morning. Some people like to write in the evenings or listen to music while they write. What’s your writing ritual?
  • 11/14. Did you know that Pinterest can be a great resource for writers? Search on your book’s topic and create an inspiration board. I’ve collected writing and publishing tips, some serious, some fun, on one of my boards and I encourage you to follow it.
  • 11/15. If you haven’t made as much progress as you wanted, don’t be discouraged. Re-commit to your daily writing goal starting today!