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The decision to work with innkeepers in the Bed and Breakfast industry, was the catalyst for writing my first book,  Maximum Occupancy: How Smart Innkeepers Put Heads In Beds In Every Season . 

Launched at the Professional Association of Innkeepers International Conference, the book immediately established my credibility and authority in the marketing arena and has served as the springboard for consulting and other services.

Now, I’ve turned my experience into a predictable process and I coach other busy professionals to become self-published authors.

I’m so excited to offer you my Expert Author Book Planning Guide! It’s written for business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to increase their authority and credibility by writing and publishing a book based on their expertise.

Linda Griffin


This twelve page ebook will give you an overview of the steps required to write and launch a non-fiction book that solves a problem for a particular target audience. Use it as a discovery tool to take the mystery out of the process. There are forms included for completing the book planning process and a timeline for writing and publishing the book. Here’s what’s included in the ebook:

  1. The goal of your book: Why you’re writing it and how you want it to affect your business or career.
  2. How to hone in on the book’s subject matter. The particular area of expertise you plan to focus on in the book.
  3. The steps required to write and publish the book including researching the competition, outlining and organizing the book’s content, choosing a publishing platform, and planning the book launch.
  4. A complete 90-Day timeline that identifies the tasks required to complete a ready to print manuscript.

Writing a book doesn’t have to be overwhelming especially when you break it down into manageable tasks. You can do it in 90 days like I did with my book Maximum Occupancy: How Smart Innkeepers put heads in beds in every season, or you can extend the timeline to fit your individual schedule. Take the first step by downloading the ebook.

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