2018 Marketing Freedom Plan

Are you a business coach, consultant, author, or service provider? Do you have a marketing plan for your  business or are you just “winging it”? Many business owners are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of marketing techniques and strategies available. Instead of spending time on money-making tasks every day, they get distracted by the hot new tool or get bogged down in busy work. I call this ‘spray and pray’ marketing and it won’t help you achieve your client, revenue, and profitability goals.

The cure for ‘spray and pray’ marketing

If you want to get laser focused and stop doing busywork, then my 4-module Marketing Freedom game plan for 2018 is for you! In four sessions, you’ll plan your marketing programs, content, and promotions for the Entire Year!” The four modules cover productivity, how to create and plan your promotional window, how to design your programs for a whole year, and how to create strategic promotions that maximize your earnings.

  • Module 1: Work Smarter, Not Harder. You’ll answer three simple questions that will tell you where to focus your marketing efforts. I’ll give you an easy four step plan to organize your day and reduce stress. We’ll take an inventory of your resources and identify ways to kick time-suckers to the curb!
  • Module 2: Your game Plan. We’ll outline your overall marketing strategy including how to get your prospects to take action and how to make your programs unique by adding your personality.
  • Module 3: Design your marketing offers. You’ll learn the ‘must have’ elements of every successful marketing promotion, the truth about designing a hot seller and the secret sauce to more effective marketing.
  • Module 4: Your 12-month marketing plan. You’ll lay out your 2018 promotion plan. You’ll learn how to use free opt-ins, the importance of personality and prizes, seven ways to build buzz about your promotions, and how to manage social media without spending hours per day.

Four days to marketing freedom

Starting  on January 2, 2018, I’ll host a webinar for one of the modules each day. By the end of the week, you’ll have your 2018 marketing plan locked and loaded! Business success comes down to three steps: clarity, planning and action. The 2018 Marketing Freedom Plan will help you get clear, create a plan and lay out the action steps you need to take to reach your goals.

The success factors

I want everyone who signs up to be successful in 2018 so I’ve added a few extras:

  • All webinar sessions will be recorded. You won’t have to worry if you miss a session
  • You’ll receive a learning guide for each module that explains the module, a fill in the blank action guide, and a checklist to keep you on track.
  • You’re entitled to schedule one 30 minute private coaching session with me to help you with any specific stumbling blocks

A few samples from the Marketing Freedom Action Guide


Your Investment

My key word for 2018 is Accelerate! I plan to accelerate my business next year and I want all of my client to do the same.  I would normally charge $697 for this program but to help you accelerate your business, I’m dropping the investment to a low cost of only $147! It’s good until 12/31/17 but as soon as the clock strikes midnight, this deal expires!


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Linda Griffin
Linda Griffin

Linda Griffin is the author of the book, Maximum Occupancy: How Smart Innkeepers put heads in beds in every season and the founder of ExpertAuthor411.com She is currently working on her second book, Book Smarts: The ninety day guide to writing and self-publishing for busy professionals.

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