Expert Author 411 Self-Publishing Roadmap

Write, Publish, and Market your book!

  • Plan

    Start with the end in mind. How do you want the book to impact your life and the lives of those who read it? Do you want to use the book:

    • To get speaking engagements
    • In your marketing package
    • To impress prospective clients
    • Open opportunities to partner with other businesses
    • To get sponsorships
    • To leave a leagacy
    • To mentor others
    • To share your knowledge

    Based on what you want to accomplish, we will hone in on a specific audience and a specific topic for your book.


  • Write

    My Fast Track to Author Program takes you from idea to print book in just ninety days. This is an accelerated program for those who need the book for an upcoming event or other deadline. If you have more time, we can build a schedule that fits with your goals and objectives.

  • Publish

    Do you have a manuscript that’s not quite ready for prime time? Maybe it needs editing and proofing, a better cover, or you’re stuck on determining the next step. We can start where you are and get your manuscript from desk drawer to bookshelf.

  • Market

    Ideally you have built a tribe of fans and followers who are anxiously awaiting your published book. I can help you build buzz in social media, create your author website, launch or re-launch your book and set you up to accept speaking engagements.

See below for some of the steps in the Expert Author 411 Self-Publishing Roadmap

  • Brainstorm Book Ideas
  • Market Research
  • Outline with a Mind Map
  • Pick a working title
  • Start building buzz
  • Set a success mindset
  • Set up Social Media Accounts
  • Order an ISBN
  • Create an author bio
  • Write a book description
  • Write the first draft
  • Get Beta Readers
  • Complete second draft
  • Preliminary self-edit
  • Choose a cover design
  • Complete professional editing and proof reading
  • Choose a printer
  • Complete interior layout and design
  • Review proof and make final corrections
  • send to printer
  • Set up Author Web site
  • Create Book Launch press release
  • Secure testimonials
  • Create an author media kit
  • Prepare for book launch events
  • Update Social media accounts