Prep clarity

30-Day Writing Challenge Prep: Get Clarity

I want you to hit the ground writing on November 1, Day 1 of the Expert Author 411 Thirty Day Writing Challenge. In order to do that, I recommend doing a bit of prep work. The first thing you should do is get clarity on what you want to accomplish during the challenge what success…

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Book in tablet

How to get an ISBN for your non-fiction book

“ISBNs are expensive. Do I really need to purchase one for my book?” The question was asked recently in one of my Author Fast Track mentoring sessions. “ISBN” stands for “International Standard Book Number“. They are the global standard for identifying titles.They identify the type of product, such as print, ebook, or audiobook. They also identify…

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Book outline with coffee

Don’t outline your book. Mind Map it!

Now that you’ve narrowed down your topic and you know who your ideal reader is, it’s time to start mapping out your book. Traditionally, writers create an outline but I’ve found an outline can be restrictive. It forces you to write in a linear fashion which isn’t always the most productive way to write. Instead,…

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Ep1: Taryn White, Author of Get Your Travel On

Taryn White is an author, blogger, and serial wanderluster always looking for her next adventure. This native Southerner was first bitten by the travel bug at the age of 4 when her family drove cross country to California. That family road trip is forever etched in her memory, but so are many of her other…

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Take one small step

Before turning 50 every woman should know how to take one small step towards her goal

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